Taking pictures is such a rewarding hobby/business.  I take a lot of images outside while walking with the dogs or when I am doing my childminding duties for @wildbairns and I find that people are far more relaxed about getting their picture taken.  Children are great to photograph outside climbing, running or playing in a burn,  they are so focused on playing and having fun that you get a more natural shot of them than you would if you dressed them up in their Sunday best and stuck them under studio lights.   I also prefer portraits that remind me of the personality of the person I am photographing.


I take pictures of my very photogenic wife, Claire, all the time.  She has gotten so used to me snapping away that she just gets on with life.   This image was taken with a very simple point and shoot camera we took on holiday to Corfu.  I am not saying get your kit off in Scotland for a nude shot.  No, it is far too cold even in the summer, we might get the odd day but you will probably be working indoors that day.   I am using this shot to show that we can get even the most intimate relaxed and beautiful shots out of doors.   Just they way nature intended us to be, if you live further south, a lot further south.

pure white

Greg and Lou

In this first image Greg and Lou were climbing on a wall with a fair old drop on one side but they still managed to look relaxed and happy. This is because they were and still are more at home out of doors climbing walls and trees. I would never of got such a great image of my kids if I stuck them in front of a camera in a white room, put them where they love to be and you will always get great shots. Yes you do have to take a lot of pictures to get the right shots but it is worth it. This image hangs in my hall but I do not need to look at it to remember that day, I do though, every day.


The next picture is of Hope on one of our outings to Lochore Meadows. It was a cold but beautifully sunny day for a walk around the loch and we found loads of sloe berries on the blackthorn bushes. The kids did taste them and I did tell them that they were very bitter but who am I to stop enthusiastic children when it comes to tasting new foods.  I took the photo while we were walking through a meadow towards the end of the walk when they were a wee bit tired.

By the end of the afternoon they are so comfortable with the camera pointing at them, they don’t mind the odd pose :).


Dogs are also more fun to snap out of doors and inside if they are pups. I will add more images of dogs in the next installment.